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For as long as I can remember, movement has been my home. I was born and raised in Arad,

a small town above the Dead Sea in the Judean Desert in Israel. I started to dance as a child and at the age 19

I was already dancing in the professional contemporary dance company- “Kamea”. After leaving the company,

I travelled around the world and lived for a few years  in Spain and Portugal. During all that time I learnt different dance styles, but the flamenco dance touched my heart. I found in it an expression of femininity, depth, strength, passion and joy.

At the same time I discovered yoga. I was amazed by the qualities which the practice gave me. The dance tradition I have come from was very demanding on the body and soul and I found in yoga another approach to movement, an attitude of sensitivity, patience, and ease . My entire relationship to movement had changed completely.

Gradually the basics I learnt and practiced in yoga and dance, became united and I built up my profession as a performer, dancer and teacher.

In the last few years I have participated in various projects with musicians as a solo dancer and I perform in Israel and Europe.  In addition, I teach flamenco, Indian gypsy dance and yoga.


It is important for me to pass on the inspiration, magic and spirit of dance and yoga. I would love to meet you in a performance, workshop or a class.




Motion   Emotion   Inspiration
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Ronnie Waldmann

Motion Emotion Inspiration


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